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Regular Chinese Language Program

Regular Chinese Language Program(RCLP)

  • 【We provide the class every month. Only the students who apply for mandarin-learning visa is required to apply for the admission letter. Once the students complete all the payments,we will provide the admission letter.】
  • 【The tuition fee for full-semester of Regular Chinese Language Program includes insurance fees. Because the medical insurance includes inpatient hospitalization payments, the insurance premium has been adjusted substantially. Thus from 1.1.2023 the tuition fee will be adjusted to 26,000 NT$ per semester.】
  • 【Students may not arrive in Taiwan 10 days earlier than the start of the month. For example, for the July program, students may not arrive before June 21. If students arrive before these dates, they must purchase their own medical and injury insurance. If students fail to comply, they will be fully responsible for all possible costs incurred.】
  • 【***Please contact us immediately when you got the visa,please don't book the flight ticket on your own!Please follow our instruction,thanks for your waiting***】

【Admission Application Rules for Applying mandarin-learning visa students】

Application Rules and Procedure *The students applying for a mandarin-learning visa must pay the fees listed below, then the school can provide the admission certificate.* (application fee and shipping fee are non-refundable)
1. Please apply for the admission certificate on our official website firstly.
  • Included complete the payment for the online application for the admission letter(one-term): NTD300
  • If you want the school to send the original copy to you, please choose "International Delivery NTD600", the total fee: NTD900. (If the shipping fee is over NTD600,  the receiver has to pay the shortage on their own)
  • If you choose "Friends or Families take the original copy at the counter" or "Receiver payment", you only need to pay the payment for the online application for the admission letter(one-term)NTD300.
  • The latest date that you can apply is two months before the class starts. 
2. Complete the payment
  • Admission letter application fee(for the students who need to apply for the visa)
  • Tuition fee completed

3.After the center verifies the application materials, and confirms payment of the fees listed above, the center will approve and issue the admission certificate(one-term).

4.After receiving the admission certificate(one-term), students can apply for the visa directly from their local TECO. 

5.After receiving the visa, contact the center as soon as possible. Add us on LINE@ and send us a message. To prepare for entering the country, please fill out the center’s Entry Form.

6.Please add the LINE@ of student affiars and send them a photo to prove that students already arrived in Taiwan while students arrived.

7.Please complete the in-person registration on the day of class start and bring with your passport and other required documents(admission letter and health report)
*Please come to our counter at 8:00am-8:20am on morning-class month.
*Please come to our counter at 1:00pm on afternoon-class month.


Transfer Account
All local and overseas charges borne by applicant

Beneficiary A/C: 16210004528
Bank Branch: Xinyi Branch
Bank Address: No.7, Sec.3, Hsin-Yi Rd., Da'an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan (R.O.C)
Formal Announcement from Ministry of Education
Recently, a formal announcement from the Ministry of Education regarding the health examination requirements for students holding “the Visitor’s Visa with Studying Mandarin Purpose”. It is crucial to ensure the well-being and safety of all students by complying with these health examination regulations.

The health examination consists of two mandatory items:

1. Measles and German Measles:
   - Students must provide a positive  antibody test report (within 5 years from the report date) or a valid vaccination certificate.
   - The report or certificate must be translated into either Chinese or English. Following translation, the document should be certified by the embassy or consulate and brought to Taiwan for registration upon admission.

2. Tuberculosis (TB) Chest X-ray Examination:
   - Students must undergo a TB chest X-ray examination in their home country within 3 months prior to their arrival in Taiwan.
   - The report or certificate must be translated into either Chinese or English. Following translation, the document should be certified by the embassy or consulate and brought to Taiwan for registration upon admission.

It is essential that students bring their examination reports for verification at the registration counter on the first day of their study. Students who cannot fulfill the above requirements in their home country must complete the examinations within 14 days after their arrival in Taiwan.

Any violation of these requirements would result in immediate dismissal from the program, and no refunds will be issued. We strongly urge all students to comply with the requirements to avoid disrupting their study abroad experience.


Tuition fee

Program Highlights
  • We offer new classes on the first week of every month,each term lasts 11 weeks(or at least 3 weeks).
  • 14 levels of classes, from introductory courses to advanced studies.
  • Small class size with approximately 7-15 students per class.
Learning Target Linstening, speaking, reading and writing are equally important. For beginners' level, we focus more on speaking and conversation skills.When the student reached intermediate, we emphasize more on writing and written language.For advance learners, we introduce news and more into thoughts and culture.
Class size 7~15 students/class
Class Information
  • Class Day:Monday~Friday
  • Every term:11weeks/term
  • Morning Class Time:08:40am-11:30am
  • Afternoon Class Time:01:15pm-04:00pm(only provided in 2023.Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct.)
Learning Material The main learning material is 【Modern Chinese】
provides a complete set of systematic Chinese learning materials with ONLINE supporting resources including: Class teaching presentations; E-Class activity sheets; Teaching Guideline; Digital tools (Quizlet and Kahoot ); VR. There are 7 books. Book 1-2 are officially published.
Class Location Tamkang University Chinese Language Center(Taipei Campus)
※TKUCLC has the right to reserve any change and arrangement of the class schedule content without prior notice.

【Application Rules】

Application weeks 3 weeks(at least)~11 weeks
Application Due 【Need to apply visa】:2 months before the starting month
【Don't need to apply visa】:2 weeks before the starting month
*Apply for 3 weeks at least.
*Cannot apply for the admission letter and visa.
For the students who don't have to apply for the visa which purpose is Chinese learning.(ex,the students who already obtained with special visa,relative visa or working holiday visa,etc.) Could apply for the course without the admission letter
For the students who have to apply for the visa which purpose is Chinese learning,apply for 11 weeks is required. 
Require documents applying for admission letter
  • Financial statement(within 3 months of the application with the balance exceed USD2,500)
  • Graduated Certification of the highest degree
  • Academic Transcript of the highest degree
  • Language Proficiency(only for Vietnam students)
  • the COVID-19 Completed Vaccination
    Record/Passport(strongly recommand)

【Tuition Fee】 &【Insurance&Refund Policy】

*Apply for 3 ~ 7 weeks,NTD2,800 per week in average./8 ~ 11 weeks have the  

*For the fifth term,sixth term will have 15%discount ; For the seventh
 term,eighth term will have 25%discount. 

*Exclude Learning Materials Fees.
Week Tuition Fee Term Tuition Fee
3 NT$ 8,400 1 NT$ 26,000
4 NT$ 11,200 2 NT$ 26,000
5 NT$ 14,000 3 NT$ 26,000
6 NT$ 16,800 4 NT$ 26,000
7 NT$ 19,600 5 NT$ 22,100
8 NT$ 22,000 6 NT$ 22,100
9 NT$ 24,000 7 NT$ 19,500
10 NT$ 25,000 8 NT$ 19,500
11 NT$ 26,000    

【Insurance&Refund Policy】
Insurance According to the Taiwan Ministry of Education regulatory document received on 13.12.2022, all Mandarin language students are required to take out medical and injury insurance. This Mandarin language center will assist Mandarin language students in taking out inpatient medical and accidental injury group insurance.An explanation of insurance and the survey are as follows:
  1. This center's tuition fee for full-semester regular Mandarin language class includes insurance fees. Because the medical insurance includes inpatient hospitalization payments, the insurance premium has been adjusted substantially. Thus from 1.1.2023 the tuition fee will be adjusted to 26,000 NT$ per semester.
  2. From 1.1.2023, the center will take out medical treatment and injury group insurance for full-semester regular Mandarin language class students during the time of their studies. In the case of severe burns, accidental death, accidental disability, or injury treatment, all necessary documents must be submitted to apply for the insurance benefit payment. If hospitalization is required due to illness or accident, a payment claim can also be filed. For insurance details please consult this page.
Refund Policy Without force majeure,as per Regulations of Implementation of Continuing Education at Institutions of Higher Education, the following Policies and Procedures apply to refund after the payment has been finalized. The payment of tuition fees
① Withdraw before the course commences: 50% refund.
② Withdraw after the course commences: NO refund.

With force majeure,after reviewing by TKU.TKU's refund policy complies with the Regulations for Implementation of Continuing Education at Higher Education Institutions, enacted by the R.O.C Ministry of Education.

Students are required to fill out the refund application form and email it to us.
  • If your application is submitted prior to the beginning of the program:90% refund of the refundable tuition fee.
  • If your application is submitted before completing one-third of the program: 50% refund of the refundable tuition fee.
  • If your application is submitted after completing one-third of the program: no refund.
  • A full refund (including the non-refundable deposit) will be provided if the program is cancelled due to low enrollment or for other reasons not the responsibility of the individual  student.




Year Month Period Start End PM/AM
2023 9 9/1~11/30 2023-09-04 2023-11-20 AM
2023 10 10/1~12/31 2023-10-02 2023-12-18 PM
2023 11 2023/11/1~2024/1/31 2023-11-06 2024-01-19 AM
2023 12 2023/12/1~2024/2/28 2023-12-04 2024-02-22 AM
2024 1 1/1-3/31 2024-01-02 2024-03-25 PM
2024 2 2/1-4/30 2024-02-05 2024-04-26 AM
2024 3 3/1-5/31 2024-03-04 2024-05-20 PM
2024 4 4/1-6/30 2024-04-01 2024-06-17 AM
2024 5 5/1-7/31 2024-05-06 2024-07-19 PM
2024 6 6/1-8/31 2024-06-03 2024-08-16 AM
2024 7 7/1-9/30 2024-07-01 2024-09-13 PM
2024 8 8/1-10/31 2024-08-05 2024-10-18 AM
2024 9 9/1-11/30 2024-09-02 2024-11-15 PM
2024 10 10/1-12/31 2024-10-07 2024-12-20 AM
2024 11 2024/11/1-2025/1/31 2024-11-04 2025-01-17 PM
2024 12 2024/12/1-2025/2/28 2024-12-02 2025-02-21 AM
2023 Public Holidays
Moon festival: 9/29
National Day: 10/9~10/10
2024 Public Holidays
New Year’s Day: 1/1
Chinese new year: 2/8~2/14
Peace memorial day: 2/28
Children’s day: 4/4
Tomb-sweeping day: 4/5
Dragon boat festival: 6/10
Mid-autumn festival: 9/17
National day: 10/10