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Regular Chinese Language Program

Regular Chinese Language Program(RCLP)

  • 【We provide the class every month.】
  • 【 For the non-scholarship language students apply for the admission letter MUST apply for the three month course 】
  • 【 Please apply for the October-December course no later than 12th August!】【**There is no refund with application fee.** 】
  • 【Once arriving in Taiwan, according to the policy of Taiwan's government ,all students are required to complete 7 days for the quarantine .】
  • 【***Please contact us immediately when you got the visa,please don't book the flight ticket on your own!Please follow our instruction,thanks for your waiting***】
  • 【***For the students who want to transfer to our language center,please ask the details at our counter during working days. Online application is unaccepted.***】

【Mandarin Students Inbound Application Procedure】

Course Type All Chinese learning course of TKUCLC is in-class now.
* The announcement of the course information will be adjusted at any time in accordance with the announcement of the Central Epidemic Command Center.*
  1. Please complete the application of admission letter before 12th August.
  2. The three-month tuition fee must be paid in one payment before arriving in Taiwan. According to Taiwan CDC regulation, students must stay in qualified quarantine hotels during 7-day quarantine period, which will be arranged by the school. The quarantine fees must be paid in one payment before arriving in Taiwan.
  3. The accommodation during 7-day self-health-management must be arranged by students themselves.
  4. After arriving in Taiwan, you must keep in contact with TKUCLC, and report your physical condition daily during the quarantine period for reporting your situation onto the epidemic prevention tracking system.
Application Procedure(For students who will apply for visa) Please follow the steps as below to apply::

Step 1、【Apply for the admission letter】
a.For applying the 【Admission letter】,please register an account and log in.
b.Apply for 【RCLP】
c.Select【Month】(*Please apply no later than 9th March.)
d.Please select【11weeks】and 【need to apply for visa】.
e.Uploading the required documents applying for the admission letter.(*It will take 3-5 working days to review)
f.Students will recieve the admission letter.
*The period of study will be for three months which will be noted on the admission letter (ex.2022/03/01-2022/05/31)
*The TKUCLC website only provide the application of the admission letter.
*TKUCLC will submit the student lists to MOE on 1st March applying for visa qualification. After reviewing ,they will provide TKUCLC the approved number.

Step 2、【Apply for the visa】
Please go to the representative office of your country applying for visa with the MOE approved number,admission letter and other required documents.

Step 3、【Apply for the entry permit】
Please complete the procedure as below when you received the visa that in order to TKUCLC apply for the inbound permission to MOE
1. 【Complete Payment in advance】 
a.The three-month tuition fee NTD25,000.
b.Quarantine facility fee aboutNTD2,600-NTD3,000 per day,total 8days(The quarantine facility will book by TKUCLC;this price may slightly change depending on the quarantine facility fee, approximately NTD21,000~NTD24,000 for 8 days.)

2. Uploading the required documents.

Step 4、【Ready to Taiwan】
After received the 【Entry Permit】,please prepare all the required documents before arriving Taiwan.
(*Please bring NT$7,000~NT$10,000 cash with you when inbound. It includes the NT$1,000 SIM Card, the transportation fee to the Quarantine Facilities and the transportation fee from the Quarantine Facilities to the local premises and the 2nd RT-PCR test related fee.)

Step 5、【Quarantine regulations】
Complete the quarantine+self-ment health arrangement before enter the campus. 
(*We will offer synchronous online learning class during the quarantine period.)

Step2-Step5,Please refer to the Inbound Flow.

Tuition fee

Program Highlights
  • We offer new classes on the first week of every month,each term lasts 11 weeks(or at least 3 weeks).
  • 14 levels of classes, from introductory courses to advanced studies.
  • Small class size with approximately 7-15 students per class.
Learning Target Linstening, speaking, reading and writing are equally important. For beginners' level, we focus more on speaking and conversation skills.When the student reached intermediate, we emphasize more on writing and written language.For advance learners, we introduce news and more into thoughts and culture.
Class size 7~15 students/class
2022.03Class Rearrangement
  • Class Day:Monday~Friday
    Every semester:11weeks/term
  • Class Time:08:40am-11:30am(15hr/week)
Learning Material The main learning material is 【Modern Chinese】
provides a complete set of systematic Chinese learning materials with ONLINE supporting resources including: Class teaching presentations; E-Class activity sheets; Teaching Guideline; Digital tools (Quizlet and Kahoot ); VR. There are 7 books. Book 1-2 are officially published.
Class Location Tamkang University Chinese Language Center(Taipei Campus)
※TKUCLC has the right to reserve any change and arrangement of the class schedule content without prior notice.

【Application Rules】

Application weeks 3 weeks(at least)~11 weeks
Application Due 【Need to apply visa】:3 months before the starting month
【Don't need to apply visa】:2 weeks before the starting month
*Apply for 3 weeks at least.
*Cannot apply for the admission letter and visa.
For the students who don't have to apply for the visa which purpose is Chinese learning.(ex,the students who already obtained with special visa,relative visa or working holiday visa,etc.) Could apply for the course without the admission letter
For the students who have to apply for the visa which purpose is Chinese learning,apply for 11 weeks is required. 
Require documents applying for admission letter
  • Financial statement(within 3 months of the application with the balance exceed USD2,500)
  • Graduated Certification of the highest degree
  • Academic Transcript of the highest degree
  • Language Proficiency(only for Vietnam students)
  • the COVID-19 Completed Vaccination
    Record/Passport(strongly recommand)

【Tuition Fee】

Apply for 3 ~ 6 weeks,NTD2,800 per week in average.
Apply for 7 ~ 11 weeks have the discount.
*Exclude Learning Materials Fees.

Weeks Price Weeks Price
3 NT$ 8,400 7 NT$ 18,750
4 NT$ 11,200 8 NT$ 20,750
5 NT$ 14,000 9 NT$ 23,000
6 NT$ 16,800 10 NT$ 24,250
    11 NT$ 25,000

【Insurance&Refund Policy】
 Insurance 申請1學期(=11週)的學員,將加保「團體傷害保險」,不另外收費。
Refund Policy Without force majeure,as per Regulations of Implementation of Continuing Education at Institutions of Higher Education, the following Policies and Procedures apply to refund after the payment has been finalized. The payment of tuition fees
① Withdraw before the course commences: 50% refund.
② Withdraw after the course commences: NO refund.

With force majeure,after reviewing by TKU.TKU's refund policy complies with the Regulations for Implementation of Continuing Education at Higher Education Institutions, enacted by the R.O.C Ministry of Education.

Students are required to fill out the refund application form and email it to us.
  • If your application is submitted prior to the beginning of the program:90% refund of the refundable tuition fee.
  • If your application is submitted before completing one-third of the program: 50% refund of the refundable tuition fee.
  • If your application is submitted after completing one-third of the program: no refund.
  • A full refund (including the non-refundable deposit) will be provided if the program is cancelled due to low enrollment or for other reasons not the responsibility of the individual  student.





Year Month Period Start End PM/AM
2022 1 1/3~4/22 2022-01-03 2022-04-22 PM
2022 2 2/7~5/20 2022-02-07 2022-05-20 AM
2022 3 3/1~5/31 2022-03-07 2022-05-20 AM
2022 4 4/1~6/30 2022-04-11 2022-06-24 AM
2022 5 5/1~7/31 2022-05-02 2022-07-15 AM
2022 6 6/1~8/31 2022-06-06 2022-08-19 AM
2022 7 7/1~9/30 2022-07-04 2022-09-16 AM
2022 8 8/1~10/31 2022-08-01 2022-10-14 AM
2022 9 9/1~11/30 2022-09-05 2022-11-18 AM
2022 10 2022/10/1~2022/12/31 2022-10-03 2022-12-16 AM
2022 11 2022/11/01~2023/1/31 2022-11-07 2023-01-20 AM
2022 12 2022/12/01~2023/2/28 2022-12-05 2023-02-24 AM
2021 Public Holidays
Chinese New Year: 2/10-2/21
228 Peace Memorial Day:3/1
Tomb Sweeping Day: 4/2、4/5
Dragon boat festival: 6/14
Moon festival: 9/20、9/21
National Day: 10/11